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What Is Periodontics?

Periodontics addresses the health of your gums and the tissues of the jaw, including the bone that holds and supports your teeth.

Gingivitis Therapy

Gingivitis is a chronic infection of your gums caused by a bacterial infection associated with long standing dental plaque. To treat gingivitis and prevent the development of periodontal disease, gingivitis therapy is performed. The goals of this therapy are to remove the bacteria causing the infection and apply medicaments to help the gums to heal. This may take between one to three appointments to achieve healing and depends upon the severity of the infection as well personal habits such as smoking and dental home care.

Laser Treatment

Dental Lasers have shown themselves to be highly effective as an adjunct therapy to periodontal therapy. Dental lasers help to sterilize dental pockets and kill the bacteria living in the gum tissues. Dental lasers can also help to stimulate new bone growth in areas where healthy bone has been lost due to the disease process advancing.

Periodontal Therapy

As gum disease advances, treatment requires the dental hygienist, specially trained in periodontal therapy, to clean below the gum line to remove stubborn, crusty deposits called tartar or calculus. This removes the debris that is causing the bacterial infection of your gums and bone and may need to be repeated several times to achieve disease remission and halt bone loss that threatens the health of your teeth. This is done to prevent further damage and restore and stabilize the tooth.

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More on Gum Disease

What Is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a common and mild form of gum disease (periodontal disease) that causes irritation, redness and swelling (inflammation) of your gingiva, the part of your gum around the base of your teeth. Gingivitis is a non-destructive type of periodontal disease, but untreated gingivitis can lead to much more serious gum disease called periodontitis and tooth loss. Because Gingivitis is a bacterial infection, it causes an inflammatory response of your immune system which can contribute to other systemic problems. Areas of your health potentially impacted by this type of inflammation are diabetes, coronary artery disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.