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Advanced Dentistry

Whether we’re diagnosing your needs or restoring your smile, we use the latest advances in dentistry to always providing optimal results for our patients’ health.

Ensuring Your Comfort

We address problems proactively, before they cause you pain. We are unhurried and have many extra comfort touches to make this the best care of your life.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We are continually advancing our knowledge and skill to bring you the latest technological advances in quality dental care.

Commitment to Excellence

Our doctors and team are continually participating in advanced training to stay abreast of the best clinical and customer service techniques to provide the best experience for all our patients.


The Highest Quality Dental Care Available

Warmly Welcoming New Smiles

The Highest Quality Care Available

Our doctors bring an advanced approach to dentistry that is unequalled in personal attention and professional care. We plan each patient’s treatment based upon achieving the unique, individual goals of that patient while ensuring optimum results and a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Our primary focus is that each patient is well-informed and to provide the highest standard of care using state of the art technologies and advanced procedures. We operate with our core values of integrity and excellence in everything we do while we strive for continual improvement to always be on the forefront of advanced clinical care and skills.

Our expertly trained doctors have a combined experience in dentistry of almost 50 years and added to our remaining dental team, we offer well over 125 years of clinical excellence to ensure our patients achieve their optimal results. It is for this reason that we are honored to have earned a high level of trust from our patients, based upon a fundamental understanding that collaborative participation between our team and each patient is what ultimately achieves excellence.

Exceptional Dental Care Since 1985

The Highest Standard of Quality Treatment

Our doctors combine the artistry and compassion of their field to bring an advanced approach to dentistry that is unequalled in personal attention and professional care.


Advanced Technologies


Diagnodent Cavity Detection system, the accurate, reliable tooth decay or cavities detection system is a revolutionary dental laser that finds cavities in their earliest stages.

VisiLite PRO

Oral cancer screening device features light-based fluorescence, which helps to detect early tissue changes which could be pre-cancerous.

Diode Laser

Lasers are used from treating decayed teeth to complex cases of cosmetic and aesthetic smile designs, to non-surgical treatment of gum disease.

Dexis Carivu

Dexis CariVu™, a brilliant new approach in early cavity detection. The system identifies lesions, cracks and cavities that to the eye in some cases cannot be seen.

Best Dental Care

Our doctors continually participate in advancing their training and expertise to offer our patients the highest standards of care in a warm, comfortable environment. We are committed to excellence in all we do and to that end, we provide ongoing training for our entire team to ensure we are always providing our very for all our patients.

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